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Plamen Petrov - Sculptor. Painter. Artdesigner

Virtually no other artist has influenced the bulgarian furniture design as much as Plamen Petrov during post socialistic era. An artist, designer, and one of the most successful Bulgarian Entrepreneur, Plamen Petrov studied at the University of fine Arts in Veliko Tarnovo. The multifaceted, wide works of arts originated on the tangents of sculpture, painting and design.

Plamen Petrov’s amazing imaginativeness is reflected in the integration of a large number of materials such as historic building materials, ceramics, textiles, natural stones, as well as all kind of relic of previous ages.

After 1989, Plamen Petrov resigned from a secure teaching position and built his very first ceramic and furniture factory in his garage. Since then, he designed more than 100 different models. Today, he provides work to 70 employees. However, his longing to create something extraordinary moved him back to the art. So, he has began turning his furniture into artobjects. His creativity lead him to developing genius Design concepts, which are an evidence of a strong pronounced mind flexibility, and moreover, of a fundamental new capability to tell stories, to explore, to express.

Biljana Milusheva-Wilken
Atelier Artmosphera in Dusseldorf, Germany


“The spiritual and emotional vitality of the artist Plamen Petrov exceeds the material borders and finds its inimitable plastic expression in all his works. Whatever it is: his creations made of old oak timbers or expressively painted sideboards, the sculptural compositions or the pictures and material collages - all his works present the material-plastic equivalent of an artist, who controls and dominates the abstract expression in its perfect form. Plamen Petrov is an artist, who not just provokes us to start communicating with his works; he forces us to reach the depths of our being which enables us to actually experience the immediacy of his creations."

prof. llian Iliev


Plamen Petrov

Atelier Artmosphera, 47 Berliner Allee, 40212 Dusseldorf, Germany, F +49 211 86 32 11 72, M +49 178 35 96 351